Simple Web technologies


We offer much more than conventional static web sites. Following modern trends Simple Web technology provides modern features and a dynamic approach to website development, as well as subsequent maintenance and optimization for search engines. We use the best and latest CMS systems that bring a lot of advantages: Data security, modularity, flexibility of design. Features and characteristics of our sites and services include:

CMS - Technology of the 21st Century

CMS (Content Management Systems) is a technology that we use for website development. Websites developed this way have a number of advantages ranging from easier maintenance and content update to a large number of modules and a powerful admin panel that gives you up-to-the-minute information on the number of visitors and their actions.


Modularity is the development trend of the 21st century. We offer a variety of modules to enhance the functionality of your website, including: Facebook and Twitter integration, support for multiple currencies, payment and shipping methods, RSS, blog and a forum.


The security of your data is always the most important. For this reason, we provide the most advanced protection available known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Admin panel

In addition to your site, we offer you an administrator panel through which you have access to a whole set of functions: User access level settings, product updating, product list import or export directly to or from Excel or PDF formats, control over the blog and forum of your website... These are just some of the features available to you through the admin panel.

Product features

Create multiple atributes for your products such as size, color, price, weight, image and stock level, and import or export product lists directly from Excel. We also support side by side product comparison which removes the guess work from the customer and improves the odds of adding a product to the selection to cart. Our inventory management also allows you to easily determin physical stock and available quantities.

Multiple payment methods

We can implement multiple payment metods into your website making it easier for your custumers to purchase goods and pay for services. Available payment methods include all major credit and debit cards. Also, you will be able to limit payment methods per country.

Responsive design

Responsive web design is the practice of building a website suitable to work on every device. Wether it is a pc, laptop, tablet or smarthphone responsive design will ensure that your website adopts to any given device regardless of the screen size.